Healing Stones And Crystals

We are a online crystal shop in Charlotte NC. Our speciality is sourcing rare and hard to find crystals directly from miners and collectors.  We intuitively select only the finest specimens that are needed for healing in the collective right now. We call them Healing Stone Beings because we believe they are conscious beings just like us, here to help us on our healing journeys.

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About Healing Stone Beings

  • Raw Crystals Straight from Miners

    Whenever possible we try to source our rare and hard to find crystals directly from the miners who found them. Our goal is to get these stone beings into your hands in an ethical and sustainable way.

  • Speciality Stones Needed Now

    We don't carry the "usual" stone beings you might find in larger stores. We intuitively select crystals based on the energy they carry and what is needed at this time to help our customers navigate their healing journeys.

  • Sacred Healing Tools

    We also hand select and hand make sacred healing tools, elixirs, sprays and anointing oils that are specifically created to promote health and wellness for those who use them.

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