Our Story

Join me on my healing crystal journey!

I've been working with stone medicine since I was a child and I am thrilled to be bringing the healing power of stones to those in our community and beyond! In 2014, I was activated to the power of stone medicine and energetic technology when I created my very first crystal grid on my brand new altar.  In that first experience meditating with a crystal grid I was transported out of my body and into a heightened state of awareness where I was shown what I now know as another lifetime of mine where I was a Yogic Master living in India.  I was given a very important upgrade/kundalini activation and my journey into the healing powers of energetic technology really took off.  

Crystals and stones, or what I affectionally call healing stone beings, have been present and accounted for at every pivotal moment on my awakening journey.  They have been my constant companions, helpers, guides and have provided a physical focal point to help me manifest my biggest visions into 3D reality.  They help me to connect to my inner child through curiosity, beauty and wonder and healing stone beings have created a foundation for my consciousness to evolve. They have comforted me as I have healed lifetimes of trauma and held space in my home and healing sanctuary for countless clients to transform and awaken into their highest selves.  I don't leave home without them, often adding extra weight to my suitcases even when I travel abroad and making my pockets heavy.

Intuitive Crystal Grids

As I prepare to do Intuitive Stone Medicine grids, I find myself being activated to even more of the mysteries that these amazing beings hold.  Receiving energetic upgrades within my own crystalline DNA and structure to help me to facilitate a deeper connection with the stone medicine kingdom for all who attend.  These little pieces of energetic technology are mirrors of our own technology that we hold within our sacred bodies that has yet to be awakened.  More than just beautiful space holders they are here to help anchor unity consciousness and expand our awareness of the seen and unseen realms.  As I have been lovingly inventorying new stone beings for our shop, I am continually amazed at their ability to activate unknown parts of myself and catapult me faster on my healing journey.  And my nighttime connection time with my guides has been filled with teachings on the sacred art of stone medicine and the energetic technology they hold.  

I love to share all of this knowledge and activate more people to their healing power.  They are potent vessels of transformation.  

With sincere love and gratitude,

Katie Sutton