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  • Malachite Free Form - Healing Stone Beings
  • Malachite Free Form - Healing Stone Beings
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Healing Stone Beings

Malachite Free Form

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Malachite free forms from the Congo.  Discover the enchanting allure of Malachite, a mesmerizing natural wonder coveted by crystal enthusiasts and healers alike. With its stunning vivid green hue and striking banded patterns, this powerful crystal captivates the senses and evokes a sense of deep connection to nature.

It is a Stone of Transformation, assisting one in changing situations and providing for spiritual growth. It heals on physical and emotional levels, drawing out impurities and stimulating the Life Force throughout the aura and body. Malachite is a protection stone, absorbing negative energies and pollutants from the atmosphere and from the body.

With its pure energy rays of green, Malachite is dedicated to the Heart Chakra. Malachite is also helpful to clear and activate other chakras. Placed on the Third Eye, it activates visualization and psychic vision. Placed on the Solar Plexus, it facilitates deep emotional healing; releasing negative experiences and old traumas.