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  • Kunzite - Healing Stone Beings
  • Kunzite - Healing Stone Beings
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Healing Stone Beings


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Kunzite - Pure Energy Crystal for Heart-Mind Connection and Emotional Healing

Experience the beauty and pure energy of Kunzite, a crystal that radiates joy and embodies a healing communion between the heart and mind. With its delicate pale pink to light violet hues, Kunzite serves as a Stone of Emotion, opening and connecting the heart to the mind. Discover its power in establishing heartfelt and strong boundaries, offering divine feminine support, and cultivating a soft, loving presence. Harness the transformative properties of Kunzite for emotional healing and inner balance.

Experience Emotional Healing with Kunzite

  • Pure energy crystal
  • Heart-mind connection
  • Joyful and healing
  • Divine feminine support
  • Soft loving presence