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  • K2 Pendant - Healing Stone Beings
  • K2 Pendant - Healing Stone Beings
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Healing Stone Beings

K2 Pendant

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K2 Stone - Symbol of Strength and Balance for Intuition and Connection

Discover the power of the K2 Stone, a symbol of strength and balance. This crystal aids in grounding while establishing a strong connection to higher realms. With its deep connection to the Earth, K2 Stone enables you to access your deepest intuition and inner wisdom. Whether seeking answers or inspiration, this stone is your gateway to new adventures. Experience the transformative properties of K2 Stone and unlock your connection and intuition.


Harness the Power of K2 Stone

  • Symbol of strength
  • Balance and grounding
  • Deep intuition
  • Connection to higher realms
  • Inspiring new adventures


Set in pure copper. Chain not included.