The Power of the Golden Healer Stone - Healing Stone Beings

The Power of the Golden Healer Stone

The Golden Healer stone was first mined in Arkansas. They also come from Brazil, and its energy has been revered and prized by many different cultures over the centuries. The Golden healer benefits have been long known in South America, but its healing powers have only begun to spread worldwide in recent years. If you’re interested in exploring the wonderful possibilities that this crystal brings with it, keep reading to learn more about what makes it so special!


Metaphysical Healing

The Golden Healer stone is said to be a powerful ally in the quest for self-healing and enlightenment. This stone is known to help align the chakras, magnify the flow of energy through the body, and activate energy centers. It also helps to bring forward your highest self. If you are seeking guidance on your spiritual journey, consider adding a Golden Healer stone to your collection. 

The Golden Healer is a powerful stone that can assist one in the expansion of consciousness. It can be used to draw the highest light into the body and entire being while connecting one to the energy of Christ consciousness.

A wonderful stone for those who would like to pull themselves out of an energetic rut or break free of destructive habits. With the metaphysical properties of Golden Healer quartz one can improve determination, restore their courage, and bring forth inner joy no matter the circumstances. 


How to use Golden Healer Quartz

When using Golden Healer Quartz, it is important to cleanse and charge the stone. Once charged, hold the stone in your left hand and focus on your intention. You can also place the stone on specific areas of the body that need healing. For example, it deeply resonates with the heart space. Placing a Golden Healer Quartz on the heart chakra and allowing the stone to charge and infuse the body with its light can be deeply healing. Golden Healer Quartz can be used in meditation or placed under your pillow at night for dream recall and insight.