The Healing Properties of Chlorite Quartz Crystals - Healing Stone Beings

The Healing Properties of Chlorite Quartz Crystals

Chlorite Quartz crystals are an extremely powerful healing stone, often considered to be one of the most powerful stones available on the market today. Chlorite Quartz works quickly and efficiently to clear your body and mind of unwanted negativity and provides powerful protection that will help you manifest what you want in life. Here’s what you need to know about the healing properties of Chlorite Quartz crystals!

Properties of Chlorite Quartz Crystals

Chlorite quartz is one of many crystal varieties known for their healing properties. This variety is commonly used to balance energy, stimulate healing, and promote positive thought. In addition to being a powerful healing stone, chlorite crystals are also prized for their versatility in jewelry design. Using them as focal points or accent pieces in your designs offers a beautiful way to draw attention to certain areas or provide subtle illumination where it is needed most. Because it works well in so many situations, you’ll find that Chlorite crystals are a must-have for any self-respecting crystal enthusiast!

Chlorite Quartz Crystals can be used in meditation to help you develop your psychic abilities. These stones will allow you to connect with angels, spirit guides, and other beings from the higher realms. Their high-frequency vibrations will heal your heart and make it stronger. These crystals will also help you on your spiritual journey by increasing your vibration in the higher chakras. Chlorite Quartz is a great tool for connecting ease-fully to the higher realms and moving beyond the muck of the 3D world.

Chlorite Quartz & the Physical Body

A number of healing modalities and practices claim that crystal energy can be used to treat physical issues in one’s body. As an example, some believe that sleeping with a piece of Chlorite Quartz under your pillow can relieve sinus or allergy symptoms by clearing out clogged airways. Still other believers suggest placing a large piece in your living room or kitchen can help alleviate asthma caused by allergies to dust and pet dander.

Chlorite is an incredibly powerful stone for physical healing and an excellent choice to use for psychic surgery. Chlorite Quartz is a great stone to use when working with a specific part of the body as the Chlorite channels high-frequency energy into the physical and energetic bodies to bring about healing and stability, while the energy of the Quartz crystal brings the clearing energy for release.

How to use your Chlorite & Quartz

Placing your Chlorite Quartz on any of the upper chakras or just holding it during meditation is a great way to use this crystal. You can charge them up in any energy source such as sunlight or fire. Before you use it, ask permission from your stone (if you believe in that sort of thing) and cleanse it with sage smoke. Cleanse yourself before and after each healing session too. For crystal healing, set your intention on what you want to heal or what you want to bring into your life. Hold your crystals over an energetic candle for about a minute to give them a boost if needed. If you're using crystals for chakra balancing, hold them near your third eye as well as each chakra location starting from root to crown. You can also use Chlorite Quartz pieces in any crystal grids around the home to amplify any intentions of the grid.


How to cleanse your crystals

It's always a good idea to cleanse your crystals; not only after purchasing, but a monthly cleanse as well. You can cleanse your crystals using a method called smudging. This process involves burning sage to release negative energy, which helps prepare your crystals for use in crystal healing. Also called smoke cleansing, smudging with sage is an ancient form of ceremony that has been practiced by shamans and healers for centuries. Another great way to cleanse your crystals is to set them on the Earth underneath the light of the full moon.