Jasper: The Stone of Clarity and Discernment - Healing Stone Beings

Jasper: The Stone of Clarity and Discernment

Jasper stones are typically known for their grounding and protective energies, but Jasper’s calming presence can also assist in bringing the user clarity and discernment around the best next steps to take. This is because Jasper stones bring a sense of order and organization to otherwise chaotic situations. Jasper brings energy that helps you move forward with your best laid plans, no matter what’s going on around you or how you might feel about it all. Jasper encourages us to approach issues from every angle, to think through our next steps thoroughly, and act decisively when the time comes.


Jasper History

The name Jasper is derived from the ancient Persian word yazata which means worshipful. It was believed that this stone could provide protection from evil. In ancient Greece, it was said that Jasper would bring luck to travelers and sailors. Today, Jasper is used for its calming presence during chaotic or trying times, aiding in bringing the user clarity and discernment around the best next steps to take.


Where does Jasper come from?

One of the most popular types of jaspers is known as bloodstone. Bloodstone is a dark green variety with red spots that are typically found in India, Brazil, or Uruguay. It’s name was given to it because legend says that the red spots were drops of blood from Christ’s crucifixion. Bloodstone was once used as an antidote for poisoning and was thought to prevent nightmares.


Physical Properties

This stone is typically a light to medium brown color with some darker speckles. Its texture is rough, but smooth enough to feel almost velvety against the skin. Jasper is one of those stones that looks great in its natural form, but can be cut into gemstones or tumbled so it has a more polished appearance. This variety typically comes in reds, browns, whites, grays, and yellow-greens.


Metaphysical Properties

Jasper is a type of stone that can be found in various colors. It is usually opaque, but sometimes translucent. It has been used throughout history for its healing properties, as well as its ability to protect one from negative energies. Jasper is very useful for bringing calmness during chaotic or trying times because it aids in the user's clarity and discernment around the best next steps to take. This particular type of crystal also allows for all the information that needs to be processed in order for an individual to make a decision to come through clearly, which makes it an excellent tool for meditation.