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How to Use Calcite and Marcasite for Mental Clarity

Calcite and Marcasite are extremely useful stones to help bring clarity to any situation, whether it’s personal or business related. They shine a light into dark spaces and help you uncover the truth of what’s really going on. Calcite and Marcasite work well together because their energies complement each other and allow you to see things with greater clarity, both literally and figuratively! Here are some tips on how to use calcite and marcasite for mental clarity in your life.

Properties of Calcite

Known as the great dissolver, Calcite dissolves emotional blockages. It is especially useful when we are grieving because it helps us let go of our pain. It gently clears away old memories that no longer serve us while preventing us from dwelling on them. Calcite also has a positive influence on our mind/body connection, providing an inner calm that reduces stress. Finally, calcite is known as a stone of clarity; holding it will help increase concentration and mental acuity, which makes it ideal for studying or working long hours at your desk. 

Calcite is among the most reactive stones and are helpful to bring quick effect for relatively acute manifestations of chronic conditions. Their Yang nature particularly affects the Yang organs of Stomach and Heart. Calcite increases absorption for the bones or dissolves calcification through chelation, depending on placements, combinations and length of treatment.


Properties of Marcasite

A stone of illumination, Marcasite activates your insights so you can solve problems with confidence. It helps you find your way in confusing situations and cuts through dense material so you can see things as they are. If a friend or family member is going through a difficult situation, Marcasite will help them see things clearly so they’re empowered to make changes that will improve their life. The straightforwardness of Marcasite brings clarity of purpose to projects, plans and decisions.

Calcite with Marcasite

With one of the themes of April being Separating Fact from Fiction, Calcite with Marcasite is the perfect stone choice! These two stones work in tandem with each other. They bring clarity and mental sharpness, allowing you to see things as they are rather than what you want them to be. Having a mental clarity stone on hand is an essential piece of any spiritual toolkit. It allows you to open your mind up to what’s really going on—and then do something about it! Calcite works well in combination with other stones, especially those that encourage clear thinking (Amethyst, Emerald) or that help manage emotions (Blue Lace Agate).

With Calcite's nurturing of your third eye chakra, it has the ability to radiate light from your crown chakra into the room. Marcasite is often used during meditation for its ability to aid in introspection and resonating energy within the higher chakras - bestowing wisdom, courage and expression upon its wearer. If you are looking for stones that can help with mental clarity, then Calcite and Marcasite are the perfect choice.

Get the Most out of Your Stone

To get the most out of your stones, it is important to cleanse them regularly. You can cleanse your stones in a variety of ways. One of the quickest being to place your stones on a Selenite plate. Selenite is a self cleansing stone that cleanses any other stone it comes into contact with. You can also cleanse your crystals using a method called smudging. This process involves burning sage to release negative energy, which helps prepare your crystals for use in crystal healing. Also called smoke cleansing, smudging with sage is an ancient form of ceremony that has been practiced by shamans and healers for centuries. Another great way to cleanse your crystals is to set them on the Earth underneath the light of the full moon.


These stones are here to help us and will spend most of their life making their way to you! Here are some different ways to use Calcite with Marcasite:

-Place the stone on areas of pain for headaches

-Meditate while lying down and placing the stone on your third eye/crown region

-Sitting with the stone in the palm of the hand, taking time to notice what arises within

-Make a crystal grid with your stones while setting intentions

-Set Calcite with Marcasite on your bedside table in order to soak up its energy while sleeping


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