Fluorite: The Stone of Balance - Healing Stone Beings

Fluorite: The Stone of Balance


Though often considered more of a novelty than an actual crystal, Fluorite is a very powerful stone that can help you in multiple areas of your life. Fluorite’s unique properties make it the best stone to bring yourself back into balance physically, mentally, and spiritually. This post will explain how this mineral can be used in various ways to improve your life overall.

Fluorite Properties

Fluorite is a beautiful stone that comes in many colors, but the most popular is the green variety. This stone is said to be the perfect way to bring yourself back into balance. It cleanses and stabilizes the aura, absorbing and neutralizing negative energy and stress. Fluorite helps us in decision-making, promotes positivity, balances the energies, and improves physical coordination.

Fluorite is a stone that can be used for mental enhancement and clarity, improved decision making, and clearing the energy fields, all while carrying the element of wind. It will help clear out any confusion one is experiencing and bring about clarity. Fluorite can be combined with Black Tourmaline or Smokey Quartz in order to clear one's energy field.

Fluorite is the perfect stone to compliment the big energies of the Lion’s Gate Portal peak that is happening this week. Fluorite has a way of cutting through things to bring crisp and sharp clarity when we are overwhelmed with a large number of downloads and information flowing in. It is also a superb stone for clearing entities and negative energies that may rise to the surface to be released when our vibration is increasing.